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Happy New Year!
The New Year is here! And with that comes a few announcements:
The shop is now closed. It will be closed until February for maintenance. During that period I will work on new merchandise to add to the shop! Please look forward to it. ^^
★ I'm returning to tabling at conventions this year. The first convention of the year is Ohayocon. My table number is A8! I will have a few new things ready to be sold. They will be added to the shop later.
★ My Patreon page has been updated! There is only one tier available to pledge to and it's a general tier that includes early and exclusive access to things such as drawing process videos and free-for-personal-use wallpaper. The update happened sometime late December but since the pledging period for December wasn't over, I didn't want to announce the update just yet.
Please check out the page here for more information!
★ I have a page but it's still being worked on. This is where I will take commission work from now on. Before I would take commissions by email to sort out my work via email correspondance, but that's become tedious. The page also doubles as a tip jar just for those who don't want to commit to reoccuring support like Patreon.
Please check out the page here for more infomation!
★ I was recommended by a few friends to sign up for Instagram. I currently have a page but there's nothing on it currently. It'll end up as a dump page for traditional sketches so that it's easier to upload them. I will also upload some of my digital pieces and some other stuff but they may be rarely uploaded. The link will be posted at a later time.

Some other stuff is coming up but this is all I wanted to announce for the time being. Hope 2020 will be a good year!
01 Jan 2020

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