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July Collective Update
★ My personal life has come crashing down to the point where I have to make a bunch of heavy decisions. Here's the sparknotes version of the outcome:
  • My Instagram is still up, so I'll still have the link in the Portal up, however it's empty as I wanted to maybe redo the entire page. I haven't decided what to do with it and whether or not I'd ever consider using it again. High chance I won't go back and will just stick to using this website/blog situation I have going on.
  • Personal commissions won't be considered for the rest of 2020 and maybe forever going forward. The Commission Portal will be archived.
  • Considering how things are going currently, I will not be making merch for the rest of 2020. I may upload stuff to redbubble as it's fulfilled by another company. I've thought about using Patreon's merch fulfillment project but I don't think I want to open up higher tiers just to fulfill merch through them. Maybe something to consider in the future...

  • 19 Jul 2020

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