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March Collective Update
The shop facelift is complete! The GIF below shows a basic run-through of how the shop looks at the moment. A few more screws need to be tightened on the backend. Once that's clear and the first wave of products gets added, the shop will be opened! It's a digital shop, so the only things being sold there are digital goods like desktop/mobile/tablet wallpapers, digital zines, etc. I may include more than this later down the line but for now I wanted to add simple things that can go for $1-$5.

Product listing page

Preview of promotional art

  • I ran a poll over on twitter to check interest in VOD uploads to YouTube. Since VODs don't last too long on my Twitch Channel I would like to archive my VODs on YouTube, but wasn't too sure if people would be interested. Since there is some interest, I will start uploading VODs to Youtube sometime in April. I plan on adding English CC to my VODs.

  • 24 Mar 2021

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