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April Collective Update
NOLNIR SHOP was slated to reopen on May 1st... but I hit a roadblock in the reopening process so it will take a little longer, sorry! It will be finished when it's finished. The reopening will be announced about a day or two before it happens....
  • I have a new overlay for my Twitch streams! Not only a new overlay, but a new transition swipe too. :)

  • My last planned round of commissions will be taken in the later half of this year. Normally I plan when I want to take formal commissions, but this time around I've been a little hesitant to consider them again. Because of that, I've decided that I will take way fewer slots and much later in the year (I'm talking, November/December-ish). This will be my last planned round of commissions as I will shift my efforts towards Kofi Commissions. I will take Kofi Commissions during commission streams and in very limited runs. These Kofi Commissions will only be 2-color doodles, done very quickly and finished on stream. This will be the only way I'll take commissions after I take my last round of formal commissions.
  • 02 May 2021

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