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June Collective Update
NOLNIR SHOP was supposed to open last month.... but I realized I didn't really have enough time to properly prepare. I'm going to take my time with preparing for the opening instead of rushing a reopening date. I'm hopeful for opening before summer ends.
  • I have two conventions lined up for the summer. I will be fairly busy during June preparing for those conventions. In turn, commission work will slow down. I'll be back to my usual work in September :)
  • July is NOLNIR's Patron Appreciation month! I will be running the same campaign I did last year. More Information Here. (Patron Only Article)
  • I'm holding yet another Subathon on Twitch. This Subathon will be 8hrs long; I'm rebuilding my Animal Crossing New Horizons island on stream! More information about the subathon will be posted on Twitter soon :)
  • 01 Jun 2021

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