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July Collective Update
I finally have a definite opening date for NOLNIR SHOP. It will open on August 27th. Around the same time Leftover Stardust will reopen after QCAC.
  • The second convention I'm attending for the summer is QCAC! Again, I'm going on the merch grind towards the end of July. I have a lot of things to prepare for September and October as well.
  • July is NOLNIR's Patron Appreciation month! I'm running the same campaign I did last year. More Information Here. (Patron Only Article)
  • I'm running two Kofi Commission streams to make up the repair costs for my tablet I cracked my tablet screen in two places and the repair center gave me a pretty hefty price for the repairs. I decided against getting a new tablet and bearing the costs without somehow making it back in a timely manner. So I'm holding two Kofi Commission streams on Thursday, July 29th and Friday, July 30th to work to make up the costs. More information will be posted on my Twitter feed
  • 13 Jul 2021

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