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I'm back....kinda

I've taken plenty of time off just to get myself together. I'm working to be more active online again, but I have a huuuuuuge backlog of work to catch up on and because of that I've only been able to work without a heads up on anything. A lot of spontaneous decisions had to be made to move things along. That said, I have a comprehensive list of things I can actually talk about.
  • NOLNIR Shop went down for maintenance late May and has undergone a few changes, most of which are interface updates.
      New reward points system was added.
      Search bar and Advanced search was added.
      Sales tax updated for compliance reasons.
      Privacy Policy added.
      Confirmed reopening date: August 20th, 2022
  • NOLNIR Nonsense is currently being updated. It's mostly done, just a few things need to be fixed up here and there.
      Server bots and webhooks for automated updates have been added.
      Roles and their permissions have been updated.
      New artwork has been made for the server reopening.
      Information has been cleaned up and made more concise for easy reading.
      Channels have been added and concaternated. A chatroom has been added.
      Confirmed reopening date: August 29th, 2022
  • NOLNIR Box has finally been named. It was migrated to a more stable and secure frame. Unfortunately all the progress I've made over the past 2 years got lost in the migration process.
      This is a subscription box to replace my Patreon and Ko-fi pages. It's more versatile and works well with the Discord server. I also don't have to separate free-to-view content from the subscribers-only content with multiple posts; instead, I can just section off various parts of a single post.
      All the necessary plugins were reinstalled.
      Artwork for the Box is being worked on.
      Confirmed reopening date: August 29th, 2022
  • I have two confirmed conventions coming up. I'm waiting on one other convention to send out confirmation letters.
      Puchicon Teaneck, August 5 & 6th. I will have my usual prints and a small restock of Book of Ghost bundles. Medium sized prints (8.5 x 11in) will be phased out; current medium sized prints will be sold in a clearance bin, new prints for this convention will not have medium sized copies. I will have XL sized prints (18 x 24in) stocked for all current and new prints.
      Anime USA, October 14th - 16th. I will have my usual prints and a small restock of Book of Ghost bundles. I will also have a new book ready for this convention: Grimoire of Sweet Death. More information on that book will be available in September.
  • 22 Jul 2022

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