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Hiatus *EDIT 2/2
EDIT, Feb 2nd:
I said I would return in April 2022, however due to personal circumstances, my hiatus is now set to indefinite. I won't take new clients unless correspondence had started before February 2022. I won't stream nor have any activities online, I do plan to be at some local conventions (New York) bringing in some new stock with me. I'll still do my best to update here, though I've already fallen behind on doing that <-- (whoopsie doopsie!! lol). Check the logs periodically for doodle dumps, monthly updates seem to be the way to go.
See yall when I get back! d(^_^# )
This hiatus mostly affects my social media presence.
  • I won't stream on Twitch during this period
  • Patreon and Kofi memberships have been halted.
  • NOLNIR Shop will stop receiving updates during this period; the shop will remain open and will go through regular maintenance.
  • I'll continue to update this website to the best of my ability. A lot of things will happen in the background for the time being. See you guys in April 2022! :D
    17 Dec 2021

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