26 Nov 2019 | 11 d. 20 h. 58 m.
Since I finished setting it all up, here's a preview for the blog that I talked about before.

[At first I wanted to stray away from the dark theme of the main site but cohesive design is so tempting]
So there's a few good things here. First off, I'm actually being smart for once and started to utilize the RSS feature that (standardly) comes with the CMS I'm using. I've been using it since 2016 (2007 if I really wanna really tell the truth) and only just recently decided it would be a good idea. So now you won't have to desperately check back at my dingy website for updates, just shove the RSS URL into a RSS Feed reader and you'll automatically get updates at the moment I update! Nifty!! (I think) This will be implemented on both my hub website and the blog. It may be implemented on other parts of the website as well if it really comes to it.
As for the info I was supposed to reupload: The Shop will be reopened next week Monday. I'm going to include a coupon for customers to use on their orders! Since shipping is going to be a little hectic this time of year, I'm going to try shipping things out every other day.

I've also started to work on some full body pieces for a few characters just so the website won't look empty when I open it. Waking up in a cold sweat one night a few months back, I panicked and made all my characters girls so expect to see some characters look vastly or slightly different, whatever I decide to do in the moment.