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November Collective + Addendum
Just a few updates this time around. I'll have more to say later in the month.
I made slight changes to the layout for NOLNIR. The top nav has been moved to the sidenav(≡).
  • The "support" link leads to a page that displays my Patreon and Ko-fi links. There's nothing different about both platforms except for the preference of the supporter.
  • I'm planning to do a mass update towards the end of the year. I've uploaded a lot of doodles to patreon and twitter that I'd like to put here too. I have a new log to upload too. Any doodles done for this month and December will get uploaded next year.
  • My next convention is AnimeNYC; my booth number is C2. I'm adding on a few new prints to my inventory. This may just be the last time I update my print roster. I'm considering finding a place that will allow me to sell these prints instead of me holding onto inventory just to sell. Hopefully I'll be able to get that ready soon.
    NOVEMBER 15TH UPDATE: I have a few more updates!
  • I've decided to take a hiatus from social media/streaming/uploading/streaming from December 22nd all the way to April 2022. I've worked nonstop from March all the way up until this point and would like a few months for myself. In that time I'll work on personal works and probably come back with one or two things I'd like to share. Yes this means things like my Ko-fi and Patreon page will be temporarily halted and I will not recieve money thru monthly support on those platforms. NOLNIR Shop will remain open (with some updates here and there) and I'll continue to answer work inquiries thru this hiatus period.
  • Leftover Stardust's last planned opening will be on November 22nd; the shop will remain open until December 20th. I'm not sure when or if I will want to continue to sell physical merchandise online. I may consider if there is a considerable demand for it.
  • 02 Nov 2021

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