#019 Taking Limited Slot Commissions

These commissions are guaranteed delivery before/by December 20th. Please check all the information + form [here].

#018 Portfolio Website Revamp

Please excuse the short notice, the portfolio website will be going down on October 28th 2023. I'm currently working on a brand new version of the portfolio website which will be located at a brand new URL. At the moment, you can continue to send me work-related inquiries through the current website until it goes down. When it does go down, feel free to contact me through direct email, work@nolnir(.)com.

#017 Streaming Activities Resuming, Re: NOLNIR @ Ko-fi

I've returned to streaming regularly on Twitch. I only stream when I'm available so check back occasionally for schedule updates. I archive all art stream VODs to my YouTube channel too.

I've also cleaned up my Ko-fi page. Since it no longer hosts NOLNIR Shop, it will be regularly updated with doodles, WIPs, and other announcements I make via my Discord server. (Did you know I have a server? It's mostly a catch-all feed but I also pop in here and there. It's easier to catch my activities through there than it is here.)

#016 Announcement: NOLNIR Shop

All items currently listed on NOLNIR Shop @ Ko-fi will be purged from the shop starting October 15th @ 1pm EST. If there were any considerations of purchasing an item from the shop, please do so before the date and time mentioned above. With that, the shop will also undergo a massive overhaul and rebrand. This includes a new name and url change.

NOLNIR Shop @ Ko‑fi will remain up and serve as a backup for the new NOLNIR Shop and get regular updates alongside the new NOLNIR Shop.

Please look forward to it! ☆⌒(*^-゜)v