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October Collective
I finished working on a mini character book for Halloween, Book of Ghost. I wanted to work on something that wasn't related to conventions or commissions for a bit, and that's how Book of Ghost came about. I also kinda wanted to make something small for Halloween this year since I didn't do anything last year and whatever I did for 2019 was basically incomplete. (I plan on completing it most likely next year. I'll have more time anyway...) You can check out the Book of Ghost minisite on my WORK page or check the banner below.

As for Ghastly Jaunt, Book of Ghost is available for preorder on Ghastly Jaunt along with my heavily discounted old Halloween 2018 Collection goods. All product photos can be found on my twitter or on Ghastly Jaunt.

  • October is my Twitch Anniversary. And as usual, I didn't plan anything for it... I'll figure something out somehow lol. (It'll probably be a long play of a relatively short game...) Speaking of my Twitch channel, I've opened up VODs to non-subscribers again. Since I'm starting private stream activities for supporters, I don't need to have VODs behind a paywall anymore. Though because of this, my streams may be more specialized. I'm not too sure how my streaming activities will look in the near future, but I hope to bring forward better quality streams.
  • My commission website will shift to a new platform soon. The old website will be taken down and a link to a portfolio-style website will take the old portal's place. The new website will be up starting January 2022.
  • 04 Oct 2021

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